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ChamberPAC: Vote YES on Redevelopment Powers for Grovetown

ChamberPAC: Vote YES on Redevelopment Powers for Grovetown

ChamberPAC: Vote YES on Redevelopment Powers for Grovetown

The Columbia County Chamber Political Action Committee endorses the Redevelopment Powers Law Referendum for the City of Grovetown.

What are Redevelopment Powers?
Redevelopment Powers are economic development tools that can be used to redevelop distressed areas of Grovetown that are slow to develop, contain older properties with declining value, have lower employment, or areas that need infrastructure improvements. Those powers can result in new construction, renovation or expansion of old buildings, new public work projects or improvements, new housing, arts and recreation projects, and green spaces.

The reasons for the ChamberPAC’s support include:

  • NOT a Property Tax Increase
    Does not increase property taxes, but instead is a way to stimulate reinvestment in an area by funding needed infrastructure or improvements from future tax proceeds within the designated area.
  • Beautifies the Area
    Redevelopment Powers can improve the property values surrounding the redeveloped areas. They can also help increase access to housing through development projects and diversify the type of housing in our neighborhoods.
  • Supports Strategic Growth for Grovetown
    Redevelopment Powers can increase the amount of activity around the business corridors and strengthen existing businesses. They can also rehabilitate areas to attract newer businesses more office space, and new jobs for the county.
  • Improves Quality of Life
    Redevelopment Powers can create opportunities that improve the quality of life for everyone without raising taxes. They encourage privately-funded redevelopment of areas and introduce new businesses, venues, and experiences.
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